Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the feeling of death.../TMI


and super super long venting included! And I still left out tons of details since I'm sick of typing :)

So I awake the morning of 06/27 with horrific stomach cramps Off to the bathroom I run and I start my day off with horrible diarrhea (I warned TMI). I swear I'm going to be OK and somehow manage to go off to work. I had to lock the doors to my store on 3 separate occasions to go to the bathroom. By the time my second manager came in for the day I was feeling like I got hit by a truck. I managed to stay at work until around 6. Every time I would eat or drink I would end up in the bathroom. Nausea, stomach cramps, and toilet hugging were how I spent my Monday.

So knowing myself I freak out and decide I need to go see Dr T on Tuesday. I called his office and they got me in right away with no questions asked. I felt that I did still have the burning/spasms so I might as well go cry to him. Which is what I did! As soon as he walked into the room I lost it and started to cry like a baby. I don't know what triggered it. Maybe the fact that I lost 7 pounds over night from being sick and I had pretty much not slept at all because I was in so much pain. He sent me off to urgent care for fluids, ordered an upper GI and small bowel series, and some blood work.

Overall I think he is stumped as I am. The upper GI is scheduled for Wednesday morning and off to urgent care I go. I waited 2 fricking hours to see a doctor. Are you kidding me? As soon as he came in they hooked me up to an IV and gave me pain meds. I couldn't even stand up straight I hurt so bad. I feel that every time I stand up straight or sit up straight my insides are being squished.

So about 5 hours and 2 bags of fluids later the ER Dr. Meanie (yep I will get to that) sent me home with a diagnosis of intestinal infection. WTF but ok I will take it. Besides I'm feeling good from the pain meds.

Wednesday morning Mom and I head to the upper gi and I met a cool new #wls friend in the waiting room named Andrea. She is a patient of the other surgeon in Dr T's practice. It was cool meeting her and now I have someone to talk to about my pain and issues. She has had problems since day 1 and felt she was all alone. Her surgery was 01/10 and the poor lady has been through the ringer. I guess I can say I feel alone at times also. Everyone is just so happy and positive and its getting hard for me since I live in pain.

So the upper gi went fine and guess what they found?!?!

Are you ready?

Yay! NOT!

I still can't eat or drink. The amazing Nurse B aka T's nurse said I should go back to urgent care for fluids. SO back we go and see Dr Meanie.

So the reason Dr Meanie is mean is because he wont listen to me. I tried to explain my pain and nausea. He said just to go home and drink some water and eat a nutritious meal. I told him I don't absorb pills properly and that is maybe why I'm not responding to the antibiotics he gave me. He told me there was no reason I would not absorb the maybe its because I has RNY #WLS and you mal-absorb after it! duh!! So after him trying to give me anti-anxiety meds since I was being as he put it "non-compliant and argumentative" since I was questioning him...I was done I took the prescription for yet more antibiotics and went home. More antibiotics even though all of my labs and stool samples came back normal. He also referred me back to the GI Doctor?

So here I am almost 2 weeks later and still feel like crap, can't eat properly and I'm down almost 17 pounds since getting sick...YAY for making my #WLS goal..haha yep getting sick put me at goal. Next up was a visit to the GI Doctor for some answers!

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