Sunday, July 31, 2011

The rules of weight loss surgery...

I'm sure most people who read my blog (or the fact that I am probably my only reader and just need to vent)...well you know the rules of wls.

Ya know!

*NO straws
*NO soda
*NO drinking 30 minutes before or after eating
*Chew food a billion times to the consistency of applesauce
*NO sugar (RNY-ers may dump)
*NO alcohol
*Protein first then veggies, then fruit, and whole grains (if room, you wont have room)
*Eat Slowly
*80+ grams of protein a day
*Minimum 64 ounces of liquid a day (no caffeine)
*Vitamins -yep you have to take tons
*Birth Control - we don't absorb pills properly so we need reliable alternative methods
*Exercise daily
and so on...this list could go on and on but these are the basics and every surgeons rules are different and the rules do vary by surgery type.

OK so tell me why I have so many issues. I follow the rules. I take my supplements. I drink the nasty protein. I didn't get pregnant at 4 months or 6 months out. I don't drink alcohol. I don't eat candy and cookies.


My tummy hates me. Its funny but I feel sometimes that if I was a rule breaker like a lot of the people I know I wouldn't have all of these problems. I know so many people who eat like crap, don't take supplements, and don't exercise and for some off the wall reason the are OK.

This sucks right now.

Sorry for the rant but I feel a better now :)


  1. You already know that you can't compare your post wls life to another's. If you did the wrong stuff, your stomach would just hate you more.
    Some people breeze through, some people struggle, and a lot of people fall somewhere in the middle

  2. Ya, why do some people eat tons of food and never seem to gain weight? NOT FAIR! Have a suspicion that some of these 'rules' don't apply to all wls people. My body absorbs pills just fine & I don't seem to need 80+ grams of protein per day (60+ works fine for me.) Our systems vary & the stuff our wls surgeons did to us while we were sleeping was probably just as different as we are.

    Of course, venting is good and you probably didn't really want an answer to this question. Sorry for sounding like a mom. Keep up the rants, we love them!

  3. It just sucks sometimes to see people do all the wrong things and be so successful and then those that do everything right have so many complications but I just need to remember that we are all different and what works for one person wont work for the next :)