Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TMI con't

So the urgent care visit was 06/29. I went home pissed off and in pain. I don't like Dr Meanie and I never want to go back to that urgent care again. I can now say without a doubt that he just didn't understand the needs of a post op gastric bypass patient. I am finding that a large amount of people in the medical community don't understand up #WLS peeps. They need to start getting a clue because the #WLS community is only growing larger everyday.

OK So Friday morning 06/30 I get a call from Dr. K's office aka GI doctor. They made me an appointment for the following Wednesday 07/06. So I ended up being out of work sick for 4Th of July weekend. It sucked that I was so sick I couldn't even get out of bed and do anything for over a week.

So the appointment with Dr. K went good. He is super nice and I actually felt like he listened to me and understood what I was saying...even though I think he has no clue what is wrong with me. Bottom line is he thinks I might have a bacterial over growth or some bad bacteria in my intestines that is causing pain and discomfort. He put me on a new antibiotic for 6 days and then had me start on Align (a pro-biotic). He also wrote me a prescription for hyoscyamine to help with my stomach spasms.

Yesterday I finished the antibiotic and I still feel the same. BOO! I started the pro-biotic today so I still have some hope that this will help me. This past week my trips to the bathroom have become less and less but my nausea has tripled. Zofran is truly by BFF. I still am having some food issues.

I have went back to my mushie food phase. I just hurt so bad after I eat. It's getting really old really quick. The hyoscyamine that he prescribed seems to help a little but it makes me feel dizzy and off balance...almost like I am drunk. So I can't take it at work since I need to be able to fully function.

I guess that is it. I go back and see Dr K on 08/04 so hopefully I feel better by then or maybe he will have a new treatment route since we are gonna start out on the conservative side cause yeah did I mention Dr T suggested opening me up to peek no thank you :)

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