Thursday, July 21, 2011

What a pain in my tummy!!

Yep the pain, oh its still here or there for that matter..

I don't know what to do. I have talked to my surgeons nurse several times this past month and she is out of suggestions. I have done everything the cute GI doctor had suggested...antibiotics, pro-biotics, etc. AND I still hurt....badly...

This officially sucks!

I'm so over not feeling well. I broke down and make an appointment with the psychologist I did all of my pre-op wls stuff with (Dr.S). She is a pretty cool and straight forward. I wanted to go see her anyways since I keep getting the "you are to thin" and basically look like crap comments....FYI people stuff like that can wear a girl down!

I just feel like I am starting to get depressed because I don't feel any better no matter what I do or what I eat I feel like crap. My stomach burns and the spasms hurt so bad at times they take my breath away. I guess I just need answers and no one has them and that depresses me. I've had so many tests done and its not black and white. I can't see the answer or the solution on paper and for an analytical girl like me that is hard to comprehend.

I just pray that I feel somewhat better for my vacation :)

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