Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You are too thin!!

First off:

Shut up!

Seriously who do people think they are? My so-called friends, family and even total randoms keep making comments about my weight. The funny thing is they never felt it was acceptable to tell me that I was obese why do people feel its OK to tell me I'm getting to thin.


I'm 5'10" and weigh 163 pounds. My BMI is just over 23. I wear a size 8/10 bottom and a medium top. I am not too thin. I still have some junk left in my trunk. :)

I am very proud of how far I have come. My highest weight was 370 pounds so I have lost 207 pounds. I am no longer the "big" little sister. I am not the fat friend I look like any other normal looking woman and I guess that might be hard for the people in and around me to see and accept.

I have been taking these comments a lot harder then I should. I don't feel thin. I can't relate to thin people. I still feel like a big girl. Maybe sometimes I feel like a big girl in the wrong body. It's funny but I talk to customers at work who are plus size and they make comments about their weight and when I say I can relate they look at me like I am crazy. To them I am just another little person who they most likely feel is judging them when in fact I feel that all they are doing is judging me.

I just don't know where I fit in anymore.

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