Saturday, August 13, 2011


In case you didn't know by now I love coffee. I am grumpy without it and sad to say I need coffee in function in the morning or even as an afternoon pick me up. Well I have found a solution. Coffee + protein = CLICK! I usually just add some cold water to my blender bottle, 2 scoops of CLOCK and shake. No need for anything else. If I'm home I blend it with some ice and maybe some SF torani Carmel syrup. YUMMY!

My favorite by far is the vanilla latte. I tried the mocha but it was way to strong for me. I haven't tried the new all natural CLICK yet but I will soon.

Go buy it here! Amazon has the best price and you can do the subscribe and save to save even more money. Its protein and coffee...enough said :)

Oh and I LOVE my little container. It should be used for baby formula but holds 3 servings of CLICK :)


  1. I love using the formula holder for protein powder. I bet I still have a few of those around my house... :-)

  2. I forgot where or who told me about using the formula container but it works so well!!! I used it in my carry-on to fly and I like that I can toss it in my purse and go without worrying about it leaking click in my bag :D