Tuesday, August 30, 2011

integrative medicine...

So on the recommendation of Dr T's amazing nurse B I made an appointment last Friday with integrative medicine. The way it was explained to me by the very nice doctor that I saw was that he also didn't know whats wrong with me but he would like to try and help me find ways to better cope and live with the abdominal discomfort I have. He also gave me some names of some different homeopathic medicines to try and help reduce the spasms I have in my tummy. So now I'm taking all of my regular supplements along with the 4 new ones he suggested and also drinking peppermint tea throughout the day to help with the spasms....FYI its not working!

He said the next step would be to do some sessions of bio-feedback and also acupuncture....um...no thank you to the needles


I'm going to totally be honest right not. I don't feel as if I am at the point where I need to learn how to manage this abdominal pain. I want answers I want to know whats wrong. So the next step is back to Dr. T this Friday to discuss.

I just want someone to tell me whats wrong

oh and peppermint tea is yucky!

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