Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Name Ever First Name Greatest...

So at work yesterday I made the decision to come home and swim. My pool is always empty and my legs still ache a little from my workout on Friday night. Oh and its hot outside so the pool is probably super nice right now.

I come home from work and creepy neighbor guy is at the pool. Seriously! boo. So I decide that I will just go on a nice walk.

I am stressed from work and the cookie issue and I need to clear my head. Besides I feel like a total fool that stuck my foot into my mouth from an event over this weekend and I needed to clear my head.

Workout clothes, iPhone, water bottle and off I go. I walked for almost 2 hours. I gotta admit I lost track of time. I feel better now. I still feel like an idiot that stuck my foot in my mouth but oh well life goes on and I will most likely never see this person again so I need to get over it! hehe I know I'm a dork :)

I realized that I am starting to like the pain you get in your muscles from when you over work them. I say this now as I am still laying in bed and I probably won't be able to stand all day at work and be crying about it later.

I really wish I could find someone who lived by me to workout with. I need a workout buddy but my schedule is so wacky it probably would never work.

I am making a commitment to work out more even if it is alone. I had stopped working out due to the whole blood sugar thing but I have learned what my triggers are and I have also learned to carry glucose tabs and I have been trying to eat some different food combos before a workout to see if that helps. Tonight after my walk my sugar was at 62. Which is still isn't good but its better then where its been and hey I'm working on it :) Everyday is a new adventure for me!

Sorry I am rambling.

For some strange reason this song totally pumps me up...I dunno I swear this rocker chick is turning ghetto fabulous!

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