Thursday, August 11, 2011

prior proper planning

Right after weight loss surgery you will feel as if you will never be able to eat again. While laying in bed sipping water and taking bites of protein pudding with my baby spoon I thought that the rest of my life was going to be like this. I wanted to eat not like I did before but I wanted to be able eat once again.

Overall I haven't had many food intolerances. I have been very lucky on this front. Some food days are better then others. Due to my on-going un-diagnosed aka wtf is wrong with you stomach issues. I did find it very hard to get all of my protein in. I still struggle. I know a lot of days I don't hit my protein goal but I try to take it one day at a time and find other options for protein.

I cant do protein shakes. If I can taste even a hint of whey I just cant do it. I cant do soy. I have my one and only favorite CLICK! (but that's a whole other post). I eat tons of plain Greek Yogurt. I mix it in everything that I can. Greek Yogurt is great. You can make it sweet or savory.

For me the key to success so far has been meal planning. Maybe its partly due to my OCD-ish tendencies but I have to plan out my food the night before my day. If I don't do this I have noticed I either eat like crap or don't eat at all. Mostly I just wont eat at all. I still at over 16 months post op don't feel hungry. If you would of told me I never would feel hunger again I would of called you a liar but I still don't feel hungry. I live everyday waiting for this feeling to return. In a twisted sort-of way I do miss it but I don't want it back...he he does that even make sense?


  1. I don't feel hungry either... but im only 7 months out. Wha else are you doing for protein?

  2. I eat a lot of fish and can do eggs with no issues. My diet is pretty basic not much variety. Fish, ground turkey, chili, greek yogurt, CLICK. :)