Sunday, August 7, 2011

Story of my life...

Is it to much to ask for a guy to hold the door open for you? Surprise you at work with flowers? Or even just tell you that you're beautiful?

I worked a 12 hour day Saturday at work. By the time closing rolled around I was dead to the world but towards the end of the night I received a text from a friend we will call him SM. I met SM a few months ago. I haven't and don't plan on telling SM about my weight loss surgery. I feel that I am far enough out from WLS that I can blend in with normal people so to say. I try to hide my strange eating habits and not go on dates or outings with new people that involve food.

As much as I try to convince myself that SM is a good guy, I just don't like him in that way. We have went out a few times and I have tried to tell him this isn't working and nothing has or will be happening. He is very persistent to say the least. He tells me that I just am not giving him a chance. I will admit that it takes a lot for me to let someone in and he feels I just won't let him in but seriously I'm just not feeling it. I guess the reason I still talk to him is that I know how bad rejection hurts and I don't want to reject anyone. So I try to be his friend.

I do hate rejection and the thought of it. I am finding it hard to date post WLS. Truth be told I always have found dating to be hard. I did hide behind my weight. I will admit that now but it seems that every time I put myself out there I just get the brush off. The phone call that isn't returned, an unanswered email, or text. (I swear I am trying to put myself out there more but to this day it still is happens) So I tend to just hang back and not date as much as I should. I just don't understand men and maybe that is my problem I need to stop trying to understand. After this weekend I really do give up. I'm going to live my life like the stereo typical crazy cat lady but I will have dogs instead. I'm not a cat person.

I can't read men and I need to stop trying.


Back to SM. So I decide to go out with him after work against my better judgement I might add and so what does he want to do? Oh lets just go to Denny's and talk..since its already so late...ooh great food...I've already had a crappy tummy day and now here we are sitting with me looking at a dessert menu. Yep! I don't do sugar. I don't want to find out the hard way if I dump and more so I don't want to find out in front of SM. So I order a de-caf coffee and refuse to even take a bite of the most delicious looking chocolate cake he had ordered....SO guess what SM asks me...

are you ready?

um Liz you really never want to eat.....

do you have an eating disorder?

ha ha only if you knew :) I laughed it off but I swear he thinks I have an eating disorder and here I thought I was starting to blend in with the normal people once again...

I really want to know what men want? I always end up in the friend territory...How do I avoid that?

It's funny but I see people around me enter into and exit so many different relationships and I can't even get a guy to buy me stupid flowers. I guess its not funny its a little more pathetic.

PS I told SM once again this isn't working and I just want to be friends..How come the guy I want to be friends with wants more? ha ha yep Story of my life :)


  1. Hha that is pretty funny.. the eating disorder part and Not the misuderstanding men. Men are silly like that. Id like to think women are easier to understand.. Haha not!

  2. I know I was in shock! I did not know what to say to him. For once in my life I was speechless and that is so rare for me. lol