Monday, August 15, 2011

What Vitamins do I take?

yes I do take several different brands of calcium. I refuse to put all of my eggs in one basket :)

This is what I take:
Calcet creamy calcium bites lemon and chocolate (both YUMMY!)
Celebrate Cherry Tart calcium chewable (this is the only chewable I can do)
Citracal Calcium Citrate +d
Bariatric Advantage Carmel Chews, the lemon are good also (I don't care for the other flavors)
Celebrate Multi-vitamin capsules
Celebrate Iron
Kirkland Vitamin C (from Costco)
B-12 sub-lingual (Trader Joes has the best!)

Check them both out and ask for samples. I know celebrate vitamins sends out freebies and  bariatric advantage has sample packs if you call and ask!


  1. Do these guys send to the UK?

  2. I looked on the websites and didnt see any info about shipping to the UK. Sorry :/

  3. Hey x
    I found one via Melting Mama blog. But I will need to try and get samples, my palate is real strange where meds are concerned. Thanks Liz
    Mitzi x