Saturday, September 3, 2011

surgical consultation...

So my surgeon has 2 offices. One is the "all under one roof" center for weight management and the other is his general surgery office at the hospital. I have always gone to the wls office. That's where the most amazing Nurse B is and that is also where I did all my pre-op stuff, my nutritionist is there...basically everyone I needed (and still need) post-op is there. Well now since I have a crazy schedule at work and he is only in the wls office on Tuesdays I made an appointment this last Friday for his other "general surgery" office and it was strange. I have been there before after my gall bladder surgery but it just feels strange to go there. I know I am a creature of habit so its just strange to not see my favorite nurse there and none of the familiar faces I have come to know over these past 2 years. Oh well overall the appointment went OK... really weren't that many surprises since I knew what to expect.

Basically he doesn't know whats wrong and he doesn't feel he is going to find anything (and neither do I at this point) but he wants to go in and do an outpatient lap exploratory surgery of my abdomen. He said I would just be in the hospital for a few hours (as long as no complications came up) and I would be back at work in a week. Which in all reality will probably be 2 weeks since I'm a work-a-holic and do over work myself all the time and he never wants to release me to go back to work when he says.

Now we wait for insurance authorization and then schedule a date. Its funny but ever since the visit to integrative health I have hurt so much worse. When the Dr examined me he poked something he shouldn't of


I did break down and admit to myself that I'm tired of being the tough one. I just want someone to take care of me for that's gonna happen....ever...This ish flippin hurts and I'm over it!


  1. That must be so hard to deal with. I'll be hoping a miracle occurs and he's able to figure it out during the procedure. :-)

  2. I hope he finds something too! that way I can stop thinking that i'm crazy :)