Monday, October 10, 2011

Caramel Apple Salad

I Love Fall,
I Love Halloween,
I Love Food.

Since I've been stuck at home after operation peek-a-boo I have become a little more domesticated. I am cooking. I forgot how much I loved to cook.


With the weather becoming cooler and Halloween fast approaching I have been searching for the perfect fall party treat that will be kind to my waist line. So here is my weight loss surgery friendly take on Caramel Apple Salad. It is super easy and delicious :)

I swear the picture does not do this salad justice at all!!!
Caramel Apple Salad

1 -small box of sugar free butterscotch Jello pudding (the 1 ounce size)
1- large can of crushed pineapple or pineapple tidbits with 100% juice
8 ounces of plain, fat free Greek Yogurt (Yay protein!)
Apples -about 8 medium size apples, diced
1/4 cup chopped walnuts

Mix the jello mix with the whole can of pineapple and its juice. Then stir in the Greek yogurt and the diced apples. Finally mix in the walnuts. That's it. Its that easy :)

Some tips:

-I like to use different kinds of apples. I make sure to get a good mix of sweet and tart ones. Today I used some honey crisp, golden delicious, gala, and granny smith. I love all the different flavors the apples can add to the salad.

-I use Greek yogurt to up the protein.

-I leave the skins on my apples for more color and flavor but if you are a post-op who has issues with apple skins then just peel them :)

- Make sure your pineapple has 100% juice.

This has always been a favorite around my house! It's quick, easy, and kids love it :)

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