Monday, February 24, 2014

Where have I been…..

As I sit in Starbucks waiting for the 30K service to be completed on the car, I realize I am a bad blogger. I can make every excuse known to man but really I have no valid reason for not blogging except this hasn't been my priority. It has been 2 years.

Lets recap the past 2 years-

* I got married! Yes!!! July 06, 2013, I married the love of my life. We met at a WLS support group he had surgery also. It's nice to have him be able to understand what I am going through when I get tummy aches and don't feel good. He understands me and I would like to think I understand him.

* I started a new job. An office job, Monday to Friday. I have a love/hate relationship with my job. The biggest gripe I have right now is that I sit on my butt for 9 hours at a desk everyday. I am not moving enough. It is a stressful job and I am a stress eater. I sometimes feel that for me to be healthy I need to move on and find something different.

* I hit my all time lowest weight post WLS - 160 pounds. I felt too small. People said I was too small but more importantly I felt small. Which in return lead me to let bad foods back in. I have made BAD food choices and have had some regain. A significant amount. I am the only one responsible for this.

* Regain! Yes it happens. I have slacked, ate bad food, not exercised. I will not make excuses. I am the one that as of this morning weighed in at 214. I am in a size 14 pant and happy with the success I have had but I want to lose some of this regain so I can be happy again with the way I look and feel.

* I also want to be at a healthier weight so when my husband and I start a family I can have a healthy and fit pregnancy.We might be relocating at the end of this school year so we are waiting to see what happens before we start a family.

* No more pain. After Operation Peek-a-boo I have been almost pain free. My surgeon removed some adhesions and moved around stuff and I feel better. I still suffer from nausea and have to take zofran at times but it is manageable.

* Labs- I have Anemia. Severe Anemia. My iron storage was at 4. I had a doctor tell me they could barely even measure the amount in a standard test since it was so low. I went through 6 weeks of Iron Infusions to get the numbers up. I am scheduled to get some more labs drawn this month to see how my levels are holding up. I was so tired and grumpy. I let myself get so bad because I didn't have health insurance for awhile and then when I did get insurance with my employer I couldn't see any of my trusted doctors. They were out of my network and their network sucked. Once I got married I dumped the old insurance and jumped on my husbands (which was the network I has my WLS with). With his insurance I could return to my network of trusted doctors. My doctor had me in getting iron infusions straight away. I feel better.

I need to blog for me. This was a tool for me to check in and keep myself on track. I have decided to get some of this regain off of me. I am going back to the basics. Lets just hope I can find a protein shake I like!!!!

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