Monday, February 24, 2014

The return of music monday

We spent spring break 2013 in Hawaii - pre-honeymoon. It was amazing. My husband D, had lived there for 11 years. He finished his Masters degree at UH and then taught for a school in Hawaii before moving to San Diego. He wanted to take me to Hawaii to show me the place he loves so much. One day I hope and pray that we will end up back there to live. I see how much he loves it and how being in Hawaii completes him.

During our trip we did so many amazing things! One thing that has stuck in my mind was our tour of the Kamaka Ukulele factory. A free tour I might add! We basically stumbled into the tour. He was driving around showing me the different areas of the island and said he thought there was somewhere I would love to go since I'm a massive Pearl Jam fan (Eddie Vedder plays a Kamaka Ukulele). We stopped in and learned there was a tour. We met Fred Kamaka, the son of the original owner. Fred and Sam, his brother run Kamaka and it is an amazing place. When we were there D bought me a CD of this Ukulele player that he had seen years ago when he was at UH.

His name is Jake Shimabukuro and he is AMAZING. We saw him last week in concert in San Diego. He has made me fall in love with this tiny delicate instrument so much that I am going to take some lessons. D bought me a "starter" ukulele this past weekend. Maybe one day I can get a Kamaka of my own!

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