Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I quit my job...

Yes, it is true. I am officially unemployed better yet I am structually unemployed. Basically, I was unhappy at my old job. I don't want to sling dirt on my blog but I loved (most of) my coworkers, loved the students, but not upper management. 

Working for a small business with no established guidelines is hard. Working without a policies and procedures means your boss can change their mind at any given time. This makes it a hard environment to work in. I have learned that the small business environment isn't for me or maybe just the one I was in. My boss was continually placing extra work on me since my coworkers were not doing their jobs properly, he would not hold anyone accountable except for me. I ended up having such a heavy work load that it was just unfair since some of my coworkers were hanging out and coming and going as they please. There were some shady business practices going on and with the type of work I was doing I decided to walk away with my head held high and my integrity intact. I will not lower myself, my values, or my morals to help someone make money. I refuse to do this. I would rather go back to retail than commit a crime or falsify legal documents. It wasn't a healthy environment. I was physically sick from work and stress. My husband and I talked and decided I needed to leave for my sanity and health. It was an abusive environment. So I moved on.

To better things…..drum roll please…. I have returned to college! The past 8 weeks in school have not been a cake walk! I have had to relearn how to study and do course work. I am struggling a little in my Spanish class but all the others are going amazing! I have my amazing husband the thank for this opportunity. He has given me the chance to stay home and just concentrate on school for now. I am already looking forward to taking more classes next semester. I have not declared a major and I'm still very confused as to what I want to be when I grow up.

I have thought about going into teaching, I can work the same schedule as my DH. Then I thought about going into nursing. I love helping people. The only issue is both of those programs are severally impacted at our local schools, I have a slim chance of getting into the programs BUT I want to try. I know I will succeed. I know I can do anything once I set my mind to it. Hence the reason I am structurally unemployed. My skills don't match the market that I want to work in.

On the weight front. I am okay…well ugh. I gained weight due to the stress of my job (sugar monster=Liz) and the fact that I am an emotional eater. I still need to work on this. I am trying, I am a work in progress. I lost about 12 pounds once I quit my job. I didn't do nothing different except stop eating all of the junk food that make its way into my office! I would be stressed and hunt for chocolate or cookies. 

At my lowest weight I hit 165 pounds (I'm 5'10"). I was a size 8 and with the loose skin I have I felt too small. From resuming poor eating habits I ended up gaining weight back to 225! YIKES! What was I doing? As of today I am 206. I have been 206 for a few weeks and I am slowly working off the regain. I am in size 14's and happy but I want to be back in my size 10's and weigh around 175-185. That was my comfortable zone. I will get back there. 

I need to clean up my poor eating habits by cutting out drinks with high calories, snacks, carbs, and journaling my food. I also need to resume exercise. I forgot the last time I went to the gym. I am so disappointed in myself but I will correct this.

Sorry for the long blog. I am going to try and update more. I know I always say this but now I have the time :)

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