Monday, February 24, 2014

The return of music monday

We spent spring break 2013 in Hawaii - pre-honeymoon. It was amazing. My husband D, had lived there for 11 years. He finished his Masters degree at UH and then taught for a school in Hawaii before moving to San Diego. He wanted to take me to Hawaii to show me the place he loves so much. One day I hope and pray that we will end up back there to live. I see how much he loves it and how being in Hawaii completes him.

During our trip we did so many amazing things! One thing that has stuck in my mind was our tour of the Kamaka Ukulele factory. A free tour I might add! We basically stumbled into the tour. He was driving around showing me the different areas of the island and said he thought there was somewhere I would love to go since I'm a massive Pearl Jam fan (Eddie Vedder plays a Kamaka Ukulele). We stopped in and learned there was a tour. We met Fred Kamaka, the son of the original owner. Fred and Sam, his brother run Kamaka and it is an amazing place. When we were there D bought me a CD of this Ukulele player that he had seen years ago when he was at UH.

His name is Jake Shimabukuro and he is AMAZING. We saw him last week in concert in San Diego. He has made me fall in love with this tiny delicate instrument so much that I am going to take some lessons. D bought me a "starter" ukulele this past weekend. Maybe one day I can get a Kamaka of my own!

Where have I been…..

As I sit in Starbucks waiting for the 30K service to be completed on the car, I realize I am a bad blogger. I can make every excuse known to man but really I have no valid reason for not blogging except this hasn't been my priority. It has been 2 years.

Lets recap the past 2 years-

* I got married! Yes!!! July 06, 2013, I married the love of my life. We met at a WLS support group he had surgery also. It's nice to have him be able to understand what I am going through when I get tummy aches and don't feel good. He understands me and I would like to think I understand him.

* I started a new job. An office job, Monday to Friday. I have a love/hate relationship with my job. The biggest gripe I have right now is that I sit on my butt for 9 hours at a desk everyday. I am not moving enough. It is a stressful job and I am a stress eater. I sometimes feel that for me to be healthy I need to move on and find something different.

* I hit my all time lowest weight post WLS - 160 pounds. I felt too small. People said I was too small but more importantly I felt small. Which in return lead me to let bad foods back in. I have made BAD food choices and have had some regain. A significant amount. I am the only one responsible for this.

* Regain! Yes it happens. I have slacked, ate bad food, not exercised. I will not make excuses. I am the one that as of this morning weighed in at 214. I am in a size 14 pant and happy with the success I have had but I want to lose some of this regain so I can be happy again with the way I look and feel.

* I also want to be at a healthier weight so when my husband and I start a family I can have a healthy and fit pregnancy.We might be relocating at the end of this school year so we are waiting to see what happens before we start a family.

* No more pain. After Operation Peek-a-boo I have been almost pain free. My surgeon removed some adhesions and moved around stuff and I feel better. I still suffer from nausea and have to take zofran at times but it is manageable.

* Labs- I have Anemia. Severe Anemia. My iron storage was at 4. I had a doctor tell me they could barely even measure the amount in a standard test since it was so low. I went through 6 weeks of Iron Infusions to get the numbers up. I am scheduled to get some more labs drawn this month to see how my levels are holding up. I was so tired and grumpy. I let myself get so bad because I didn't have health insurance for awhile and then when I did get insurance with my employer I couldn't see any of my trusted doctors. They were out of my network and their network sucked. Once I got married I dumped the old insurance and jumped on my husbands (which was the network I has my WLS with). With his insurance I could return to my network of trusted doctors. My doctor had me in getting iron infusions straight away. I feel better.

I need to blog for me. This was a tool for me to check in and keep myself on track. I have decided to get some of this regain off of me. I am going back to the basics. Lets just hope I can find a protein shake I like!!!!